Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings From Amsterdam!

Happy Easter from Amsterdam. Leonie Prins' Mountain Horses and I had a great flight from Houston to Amsterdam, arriving bright and early on Friday morning. They all did really well and things went so smoothly upon arrival that we were finished within just a few hours of arrival. It was so much fun meeting Ann, Marley and Leonie's mom at the airport, as well as seeing Anna and Leonie again.

On Saturday, Robert Veen of Animal Transport Services and I spent the day at Leonie's farm. We were treated to a tour of both of her properties. It was so nice connecting with old equine friends from previous shipments and spending some time with Leonie's wonderful staff and family. The horses are all in great shape and we were very impressed with Leonie's total operation. If you are considering buying a horse from the United States and have any questions or concerns, we highly recommend that you contact Leonie Prins for professional assistance. She is doing an excellent job!

Many thanks to Leonie and family for the delicious lunch and generous hospitality. This is a visit that I shall always remember with fondness.

Today, Easter Sunday, I went to Amsterdam's famous Koekenhoff Gardens. What a beautiful display of nature ... and a great way to spend Easter. People from all over the world gather here once a year to celebrate God's gifts of flowers and natural beauty. Amazing!

Tomorrow morning I fly to Warsaw to reunite with the Mroz family. I'll write more soon! In the meantime, I hope you had a very happy Easter!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Horses have arrived in Amsterdam and Luxembourg

We are happy to announce that horses have arrived safely in Amsterdam and Luxembourg. Thank you to Coralie, Yves, Meghan, Davy and Romaric for sharing your lovely horses with us. As always, it has been our pleasure caring for them for you and we look forward to working with each of you on future shipments.

Thank you also to our grooms, Henry and Tanner, for taking such good care of the horses on their flights. Henry is off for a week's adventure, traveling from Luxembourg to Spain ... or Turkey? I'm not sure if he has decided on his final destination, but wherever he goes, I know he'll have fun.

Tanner, one of our live-in ranch hands, is in Europe for the first time in his life ...and he is so excited! Thank you to our dear friends, Trisha and Dennis Kjuipers for your kind hospitality and taking care of Tanner during his visit. We appreciate you so much, and look forward to seeing you in Texas in the fall.

Our next trip is scheduled for April 20th/ 21st - and we are going in all sorts of different directions. Terry will fly horses to Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Henry will deliver a group to Kuwait and Tanner will take a group to Qatar. I will fly some horses to Amsterdam for Leonie Prins and will spend Easter weekend visiting with Dutch friends. Amsterdam is so beautiful this time of year. I can't wait to see the tulips in bloom again!

Terry will join me in Amsterdam on Easter evening and we will travel together to Krakow for Easter Monday festivities. Then it is on to Warsaw to spend a few days catching up with our friends, the Mroz family - Jagoda, Marcin and Nina. We are delighted to announce that Nina is going to work at the ranch this summer, honing her equine skills as she takes a short summer break from her studies in veterinary school.