Sunday, May 6, 2012

Riyadh and Dammam

We have had another busy week at EZ 2 Spot Ranch, with horses flying to both Riyadh and Dammam Saudi Arabia.  Both groups are scheduled for arrival today, after transiting Europe.

A big " Thank You" to our newest grooms from the USA - Ken and Jeannie Richards. for accompanying our Riyadh horses from Houston to Amsterdam - and a big Dutch "Dank u Wel" to our dear friend (and retired KLM groom) Hans van Dijk for taking the horses from Amsterdam to Riyadh.  I just heard from Hans that everything went well on the flight and they have arrived in Riyadh.  Thank you, Sami, for sharing your lovely horses with us.

Thanks, also to Henry Quintanilla for stepping up once more for the trip from Houston to Luxembourg, and then on to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.  He and his horses will be flying out in just a little while.  Thank you Fahad, Dhafer, Faisal and Mohammed for sharing your horses with us.

We are gathering horses now for our next quarantine group that will get started on May 14th.  Let us know if you have a horse or donkey ready to join that group.