Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Endurance Horses to Saudi Arabia

What fun we have had during the last month with endurance horses that are going to Saudi Arabia.  They left yesterday and we miss them already.  As I mentioned in a recent post, keeping your horses in condition during quarantine at EZ 2 Spot Ranch is not a problem.  Our staff have had the pleasure of riding these wonderful endurance horses during their quarantine period, keeping them ready for competition.

Many thanks to Abdullah Al Otaiba and Haytham Al Barrack for sharing your horses with us.  Thanks also to Brian Carlisle for serving as their groom to Amsterdam and Nordien Dkourou for caring for the horses on the flight from Amsterdam to Dammam.  Thanks also, of course, to our amazing manager Megan Moos for ensuring that all went well at the airport in Houston.

We are starting a new quarantine group for Amsterdam this week and will be starting our next quarantine groups for Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Amsterdam and Johannesburg, South Africa in about two weeks.  Spaces are available in all groups, so let us know if you have a horse ready to ship and we will get busy for you.

As I mentioned in a recent blog, we are also now able to fly horses to Israel from Houston, so let us know if we can help you with that!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amsterdam Today - Tel Aviv on the Horizon

I am happy to report that everything went very well on yesterday's flight to Amsterdam from Houston and the horses all arrived safely this morning.

 Many thanks to Toni and Bjorn Kurzrock, Bernard Kuhn and Monique Goetz, Ismal El Sharkawy and Coralie Marcotte, Petra van den Berg, Joerg Kuisl and Christina Zeitelhack and Pene and Malcolm Mason for sharing your horses with us.  It was a pleasure working with each of you and with your horses.

Thanks also to our grooms, David Notman and Phillip Shields, for taking such good care of the horses during the flight and to our manager, Megan Moos, for seeing to it that all went well at the airport in Houston.

We are gathering horses now for our next flights to Amsterdam and Dammam, Saudi Arabia and we have a few spaces available in both groups, so let us know if you can use the spaces.

We are also very excited about our first-ever shipment to Israel.  I will post another blog about that in a few days, but this is the first time we have been able to ship directly from Houston to Tel Aviv, so it is a great new opportunity.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Conditioning During Quarantine

One of the things that concerns owners of  horses that are being exported from the USA is that they will lose condition during quarantine.  This is a valid concern.  No one wants their performance, show or endurance horse just standing in a barn for 30 days.  We don't want that either.

So here at EZ 2 Spot Ranch, we are very proud of our exercise and conditioning program.  Not only are all quarantined horses turned out daily in designated paddocks for natural exercise.  We can also provide lunging and riding services for you so that your horse arrives in good condition, ready to perform for you.  On more than one occasion we have had horses enter competitions or shows within days after arrival - and come out as winners!

We also groom your horses regularly and we have their hooves trimmed as part of the regular quarantine routine.  Body clipping is also available upon request. Our goal is that horses leave our facility looking and feeling as good or better than when we received them.

We also send photos to our clients when their horses arrive - and will be happy to provide video as well.  Just let us know what we can do for you.  Just as every horse is an individual, so is every client.  Customized service is cheerfully provided to you and your horse here at EZ 2 Spot Ranch.