Thursday, September 18, 2014

September Happenings at EZ 2 Spot Ranch

Lots of new and exciting things are going on at EZ 2 Spot Ranch these days. We have had some staff changes in the past month and things are better than ever. Terry and I have taken back the full time hands-on management of the ranch and we are assisted by some amazing and talented folks. We want to formally welcome Joe Ivey and Michelle Hazel to our EZ 2 Spot Ranch family. We also greatly appreciate and want to acknowledge the hard work, loyalty and dedication of our part-time helpers, Jose Rodriguez and Jesse Rodriguez, Juan Balderrama, and John and Desiree Sexton. Also a big thank you to Mitzi Sexton for her generous volunteer work. You are all appreciated more than words can say. We are looking forward to a visit from our old friend and retired CargoLux pilot, Patrick Gantner, from Switzerland. Patrick will be with us for about six weeks and we are really excited about spending some time together and making sure he learns how to dance the Texas Two-Step. There's probably a little target practice in his future too -along with plenty of barbecue and good ole South Texas Tex-Mex food. We are busy shipping lots of horses these days. Many thanks to Toni and Sarah for sharing your lovely broodmares with us. They have now safely arrived at home in Germany. Thank you also to Tareq of the UAE and to Sylvio of Brazil for sharing your horses with us and allowing us the privilege to ship them to your home countries. Today we have some beautiful horses flying to Luxembourg and then on to their homes in Germany, England, Ireland and the Czech Republic. Many thanks to Jennifer, Owen, Ronnie and Radka for sharing your horses with us. And thank you to David for flying for us. On Tuesday we have another flight to Amsterdam with yet another amazing group of horses. We are honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of the famous Rose Hill Lincoln's life and journey. He will be leaving us on Tuesday and we will miss him greatly. Thank you, Cheryl and Katharina for sharing him with us. Also leaving on Tuesday are some lovely Arabian mares belonging to Irina and Kat. Thank you, ladies, for sharing your mares with us and again, thank you to David for flying for us again! The following week we will be picking up precious minis from the World Show in Fort Worth and bringing them back to the ranch for quarantine. Next month we will have horses going to Amsterdam, Bahrain and Luxembourg - and we are planning new quarantine groups for South Africa, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We are also planning a shipment to Thailand in the near future - and are working on a shipment to India. Be sure to let us know what we can do for you! You can reach us by email at, fill out a request form on our website,, contact us on our Facebook page, EZ 2 Spot Ranch or give us a call at 210-861-0269 or 210-244-3404. We look forward to hearing from you!