Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greetings from Dubai

Terry and I are in Dubai, waiting for our flight to Beijing, and we thought we would take a moment to say hello and thank you to our clients.

We had the privilege of meeting and sharing a cup of coffee with Catherine dela Baer and her husband in Luxembourg. Catherine has a lovely Rocky Mountain Mare by the name of Mullins Julie. "Mullie" flew very well and I know that she and Catherine are going to be very happy together as they trail ride in the beautiful French countryside. Catherine, thank you for the gifts that you brought us and please keep us updated about Mullie's progress. We can't wait for the baby to be born!

We also had the privilege of meeting Anthon Grevelink and his lovely wife. Anthon imported two precious mini donkey jennets, Nikki and Solstice. They were so much fun to have around and they traveled very well. It was such a pleasure getting to know the Grevelinks and learning about their life in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium. We hope to have the opportunity to visit some day. Thank you for the invitation, Anthon!

Maryline Tournier's two mini donkeys, Cinderella and Asia, were also in the Luxembourg shipment. Thank you, Maryline, for sharing your little jennets with us. It was a pleasure caring for them and working with you again.

Terry flew out from Luxembourg with three very nice endurance horses. They all traveled well. Thank you, Ahmad Abdullah, for sharing them with us.

My flight was next, with three Arabian horses to Kuwait. Many thanks to Mohammad Agha and Mr. Ali, Merjah Al Mutairi, Abdulaziz, Saad Tamimi and Hussain Albloushi. It was a pleasure working with you and your horses.

And Henry is still in Luxembourg with his three horses for Hamad Al Marri. Hamad, Henry will be there on Tuesday morning. Thank you for sharing your horses with us. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your horses, as well.

Now Terry and I begin our journey to Harbin, China, where we will meet with Mr. Cheng about a very exciting new project. Mr. Cheng, thank you so much for the invitation. We are looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your new venture.

We start a new quarantine group on Monday, September 19th and the next group will start on October 3rd. We still have some space available in the October 3rd group, so let us know if you have a horse that is ready to get started.

Til then,
Wishing you all Happy Trails!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This N That

Wow! Where does the time go. I can't believe it has been such a long time since I've posted news on this blog!

Belated thanks to Leonie, Sussie, Lisbeth, Marije, Julie, Kirsten, Annalies and Naser for sharing the lovely animals that we shipped to Amsterdam on August 31st. We appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you and your animals and look forward to next time.

Thanks also to our grooms, Tom, Lori and Phil, for accompanying these critters. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Terry and I took a few days after the August 31st shipment to accompany our young Polish friend, Nina Mroz, to California where she has now started a 2-week externship at an equine veterinary practice. We enjoyed spending some time with our daughter and son-in-law, Dawn and Scott Perfect and their children, Tyler and his lovely bride, Serena, Tanner, Tommy and Toriana. What fun it was catching up with everyone and spending time in the beautiful California weather!

Terry, Henry and I will fly out on the 14th to deliver horses and donkeys in Luxembourg (Thank you to Catherine, Maryline and Anthon!) ... and then we split up to deliver horses in three different places. Henry will go to Doha, Qatar (Thank you, Hamad) . Terry will go to Dammam, Saudi Arabia (Thank you, Haytham). And I will go to Kuwait City, Kuwait (Thank you Mohammad, Hussain and Merjah).

Terry and I are very excited about the next leg of that trip. We will meet in Kuwait City and fly to Harbin, China to meet with a new client there. This will be our first trip to The Peoples Republic of China (other than a very short visit to Hong Kong some years ago) and we are really looking forward to it!

Back with more details and photos later.