Friday, October 28, 2011

Amsterdam,Prestwick, Luxembourg, Dammam and Doha

This has been a very busy week, with 21 equines flying out to various destinations around the world. And, as happens from time to time, there have been some flight delays.

Fancy Me Wisely, Pearl of Justice and HHAA King of Bling were all set to fly out to Amsterdam on KLM's Tuesday afternoon flight with our groom, Anne Figley, when all of a sudden the flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. Poor critters! They had to be taken back to the TDA Animal Facility and stalled overnight. They finally got out the following afternoon, but it was a bit of an ordeal for everyone - equine and humans alike. Thank you, Anne, for taking such good care of the animals during a difficult situation. Thank you Toni, Lykke and Frank for your patience.

Then it was on to Prestwick, Scotland with five of the cutest miniature donkeys ever - BR Liberty, BR Pixie Dust, FOF Cats Cheetah, Flight of Fancy Raven Beauty and, last but definitely not least, Lil Angels Texas Tease. They all traveled well and should get home today. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing them with us. I know they will be very happy in the UK.

Luxembourg was the next stop with two beautiful paint fillies (Shesa Classy Brooks and My Precious Maria) and two adorable little P.O.A. mares (Santee Charisma and Santee Spanish Delight). Everything went well with their shipment. Terry had the pleasure of meeting with both Sylvain and Lara this morning before they left for France with their new horses and ponies.

Dammam is the next stop for April at Arabesq, Beauty of the Mohave, Portia SF, AA Gabriella Bea, AA Diva, Malika Bint Dalim ... and Terry . Abdullah and Dhafer, the flight is delayed til 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. I'm not sure exactly when they will arrive, so you might want to check with CargoLux in Dammam tomorrow morning.

Henry will finish the adventure when he delivers Fireflash LNW, Pablo Paez and Three Above to Doha on Monday. Thank you, Mohammad and Haytham, for sharing these cool horses with us - and best of luck in your upcoming endurance races.

We started a new quarantine group this week for twelve horses going to Dammam and Kuwait, and will start another group next week for Luxembourg and Kuwait. We have space for a few more to Luxembourg.

We are moving into the holiday season now, so please be patient if there are delays or scheduling challenges with your horses. 'Tis the season!

Friday, October 14, 2011

On the way to Dammam

Wow! So much has happened since our last post! Let me try to recapture the highlights. Our trip to Harbin,China was amazing. We were treated with such hospitality and have memories that we will cherish forever from our visit with Mr. Cheng, Mr. Song and their friends and associates. Thank you, gentlemen, for such a wonderful introduction to your country and culture. We are very excited about being part of your new venture and look forward to many more visits to Harbin.

After our visit to China, we had an opportunity to stop by Seoul, Korea and visit briefly with our son, Matt, his wife, Maria and our grandchildren, Madison and Luke. What a special treat that was - to get to see them in their home in Inchon. Thank you, guys, for picking us up at the airport and taking time to show us around. We love you and can't wait to see you when you PCS back to the USA.

Then it was back to the ranch ... a few days of R & R at the Gulf Coast ... and now we are on the road again, traveling with nine beautiful Arabian horses to Dammam, Saudi Arabia. We are in Luxembourg right now and will fly out to Dammam this evening. Thank you, Mohammad, Thamir, Ahmed, Saleh anand Haytham for sharing your horses with us. We will see you in Dammam early tomorrow morning.

For our clients in South Africa and the GCCs ... we need for you to know that the airfreight rates are going up on November 1st, so this is going to mean a price increase. Contact us for the new rates.

Have a great day!