Monday, January 26, 2015

Full Service Comes Full Circle

We have had an especially satisfying shipment of horses to Saudi Arabia this weekend because the delivery of the horses signified coming full circle in two different ways. Not everyone knows that we offer services above and beyond those of an ordinary quarantine station. Let me tell you about this weekend's delivery. About six weeks ago one of our clients in Saudi Arabia who imports Thoroughbred horses for racing asked us to attend a sale in another state and evaluate some horses for him. Terry's lifetime of horsemanship (breeding, training and showing) and his formal equine sciences studies at Cal Poly University have given him the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to perform this service for our clients. We went to the sale, assessed the horses, sent him photos and detailed information about each one. We then attended the sale and bid on the horses for him. He purchased five beautiful, well-bred mares. We had taken our six horse trailer with us to the sale, so we personally loaded them up and hauled them back to EZ 2 Spot Ranch. We then took care of the quarantine and shipping and have now delivered his mares to him. It was such a privilege to help this client all the way through the process, from purchase to delivery. The sixth horse in this weekend's shipment was a colt who was born here at EZ 2 Spot Ranch. We have cared for his owner's Arabian mare here for the past five years, arranging everything from breeding contracts, shipping of semen, insemination of the mare, care for her throughout her pregnancy and providing foaling services, which includes imprint training and veterinary checkup after the birth. This year is a little different in that our client has been so happy with the foals that he decided to do embryo transfers. We arranged the breeding, took the mare to the breeding facility and oversaw the process on our client's behalf. Now the recipient mares are at EZ 2 Spot Ranch and we will provide foaling and imprint training services for the 2015 foal crop. And it is time to start the process again for 2016 babies. So delivering the colt was a great feeling of having come full circle again for this client. We love being able to help our clients and their horses in whatever they need, from choosing and purchasing horses and processing registration papers to breeding, board, foaling, imprint training or exercise and grooming. Just let us know what we can do for you! Be sure to visit our website at and contact us when you have a question or a special need. We are here to provide service for you and your equine! And always remember - experience matters. We have been in the equine export business for more than 10 years and in the horse world for a lifetime. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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